Apr 15, 2013

Costa Rica's jungle, in sound and pictures

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April 15, 2013

Source: North Country Public Radio

Mud season is a time when droves of people from the North Country flee to other parts of the world, escaping last-minute snow squalls and getting a head start on summer.

This year, our Adirondack bureau chief, Brian Mann, fled the mountains for a week in Costa Rica. He brought back this audio postcard.

Remember those little plastic pre-digital devices, the Viewmaster? That little cardboard disc you put in filled with photographs that showed three-dimensional views of the world

That's sort of how my memories of Costa Rica fit together. Impressions. Quick glimpses. The smell of a dusty village street in Guanacaste. The taste of Imperial beer in a roadside soda.
Most of my mental snapshots – and this is normal for me — are in sound. So here's my quick Viewmaster slideshow of spring break in Costa Rica.

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