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    Se aprecia el aumento de los esfuerzos en contra del crimen organizado en el país al leer las prensas nacionales y otros medio de comunicación. La Policía Nacional Civil, a través de DISETUR (División de Seguridad Turística) informó en junio que "Inicia nueva promoción de agentes de la DISETUR" con un curso de especialización para la atención y protección de turistas, en la Academia de la Policía Nacional Civil (zona 6) dentro del Programa de Protección al Turista -PROATUR-, del INGUAT y en conjunto con autoridades de la Policía Nacional Civil y el Ministerio de Gobernación. 
  • La conservación de nuestro patrimonio cultural es tarea exclusiva de los guatemaltecos
    Las Modificaciones a la Ley Protectora de La Ciudad de La Antigua Guatemala (Decreto 60-69) fueron preparadas por La Coalición de Instituciones, Vecinos Cocodes y otras asociaciones –CIVICA- en 2010 y presentadas al Congreso de la República en agosto de 2011 por el diputado Sergio Celis.
  • The preservation of our cultural heritage is exclusively in the hands of Guatemalans
     The legal reforms to the Protective Law of the City of La Antigua Guatemala (Decree 60-69) were prepared by a coalition of institutions including “Cocodes” and CIVICA in 2010. These were presented to the Guatemala Congress in August, 2011 by Congressman Sergio Celis.
  • Urgent Need to Update Protective Law for La Antigua Guatemala
    Guatemalan experts in history, architecture and urban development met with lawyers in the late 1960s to expand legislation on the Presidential Decree 2772 passed by General Jorge Ubico in 1944, and the city was declared a “National Monument”. More would be needed to preserve the city and concern was mounting as to the city’s preservation. 
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    La Antigua Guatemala ha cambiado a través de ese tiempo por lo que merece la pronta atención del Congreso de la República.
  • Take-Away Lessons
    The culture shock I experienced the first few weeks of living in Guatemala was mostly confusion. The way of life and social customs are different not only from my home in the United States but also other Latin American countries I’ve visited. I’ve compiled a few of the “quirks” other students are likely to run into in hopes of easing their transitions.
  • HablaGuate
    With the resignation of the Conservator of Antigua, Eduardo Andrade, on May 23rd  and the resignations of Miguel Torres (Academia de Geografía e Historia) and Gloria Palacios (Facultad de Humanidades/USAC) effective May 31st, the National Council for the Protection of La Antigua Guatemala has a crisis on its hands. Allegations of corruption with building permits that include basements and two/three stories are added to this crisis where, apparently, licenses were  signed and the plans were changed by corrupt staff. 
  • El Consejo Nacional Para la Protección de la Antigua Guatemala toca fondo
    Con la renuncia del  Conservador de la Ciudad, Arq. Eduardo Andrade, el 23 de mayo y las renuncias del Lic. Miguel Torres (Academia de Geografía e Historia) y la Licda. Gloria Palacios (Facultad de Humanidades/USAC) el 31 de mayo, se hizo evidente que el Consejo Nacional de la Protección de La Antigua Guatemala atraviesa una crisis institucional. 
  • My friend, Luckie Orellana
    Luckie was a guerrilla, not the kind with a Che Guevara sweetheart locket and an Uzi under the bed, but a psychology professor at the San Carlos University who became an urban revolutionary through a process of  concientización – literally, getting a conscience. She had first become involved in politics as a high school student in the 1960s when Tom and Marjorie Melville, a Maryknoll priest and nun,  had formed a student organization called Cráter designed to get rich city kids into the countryside to work with Indian peasants during their school break. 
  • A Student’s Guide to Guatemala: Before You Go
    Don’t make the mistakes of coming to Guatemala without doing research and planning beforehand. While it’s easy enough to get around and visit top travel destinations without having any prior knowledge of the country, Guatemala is complex and there are many moving parts.. I’ve learned a lot about its history, current events and the way things are run just from being here, but there are some things I wish I had known from the start.

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