• HablaGuate
     A film by Eduardo Ronco Santella & Post Production by Eduardo Garcia Torres.  
  • Batalla del Año
    Eliminatoria CentroAmérica Cuando: 14 de Agosto Lugar: Parque Central de Guatemala  
  • La Educación de Niños Indígenas con el Proyecto de Einstein
    Una colaboración entre Digital Democracy y Emma Hulse, una becaria de Fulbright, Proyecto Einstein está trabajando con estudiantes de básico y magisterio en el Instituto de Básico en Lancetillo.
  • HablaGuate
    Seeing these places and bargaining, it was a better part of the trip to experience it all just as we are experiencing everything else going on. 
  • HablaGuate
    Today we all woke up around 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast in the hotel. Afterwards we took the van up the mountain to El Hato for our first day of work at the school. 
  • When The Children Waved
     We were given a tour of El Hato and also a long walk to visit some of the children's homes to see how they live.  
  • HablaGuate
    Recuerdos fotográficos de los estudiantes de Saint Albans y Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC durante su estancia en Guatemala, 18 junio-2 julio 2010. 
  • HablaGuate
    Photos by Peter Jahnig
  • HablaGuate
    He was very energetic and was always ready to help his students, and his teaching skills were quite evident because all of his students really understood the math problems that we were helping them with.
  • HablaGuate
    It is scary to think that such events happened regularly, that life is so fragile and cheap.

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